Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Demi Lovato

I just got off work.. YAY! I just wanted to talk about one of my favorite celebrities of mine. Demi Lovato, I have always loved her since Camp Rock. I was like wow a Disney girl with some actual talent! I think her voice is amazing, like she can sing any type of genre aka like miss Kelly Clarkson :) Not only is she talented but I have been taking style tips from this girl for years... Lots of black and layering! My motto "What Would Demi Wear?" But seriously, she has gone through so much and I'm glad she is strong and got through it, because I personally needed more music from her! haha but Congrats Demi, on your number 1 song, Skyscraper. It's an amazing song and amazing vocals. I listen to it everyday when I'm heading to work, and I hope you keep making more music. And Demi if you ever see this.......HI!  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain America

I watched Captain American this past weekend. I was really good. Chris Evans did an amazing job as Steve Rodgers. My favorite scenes of him were the ones before he got all beefed up, they really showed his character.

 But who couldn't love this...

I would recommend this movie. Really good, I can't wait for the Avengers. 


On August 11th, I will be attending Adele's concert. You have no idea how excited I am.. She is such an amazing talent and such an inspiration in my life right now. I listen to her music everyday and just feel all her emotion in the lyrics she is singing. I will tell you how it went and post pictures. I hope I get to meet her. That would be amazing and that would be an awesome profile picture for Facebook! :) I will be posting some of my favorite videos from her, so I can be ready by August 11th!!!!

 "I ain't lost, just wandering"


Hey guys!
As you know Comic-Con just happened. It's one of my dreams to attend! Not only to see everyone dresses up in crazy costumes but also to watch some of my favorite panels. Like Twilight (of course) but also The Amazing Spider man (which I think they did an amazing job with the casting, Andrew Garfield and one of my favorites Emma Stone). I would totally dress up, still undecided what outfit I would choose. BUT I NEED TO GO TO COMIC CON! Someday, I will.  So Jealous!



My name is Annie, and this is the first time I have EVER done this. So we will see how it goes. I will pretty much just blog about what interest me. Like my life, fashion, news, and of course... Hotties! I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I will. 
<3 Annie